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Our consulting and membership optimization services

CPS Media has been working with associations for more than 25 years. When it comes to membership, there are many challenges that also depend on an association’s objectives in terms of acquisition, retention and revenues generated by memberships versus the services available to members.

To assist you in this process, CPS Media offers a support service aimed at optimizing the different areas of your membership system in order to identify the advantages, disadvantages and perceived value conveyed to members, and also validate the entire pricing component.

By increasing growth and promoting a high member retention rate, you’ll be able to increase your revenues and maintain fair and equitable member pricing.

The goal is to make the offer more dynamic and appealing to current and future members, while generating new revenues.

As part of this mandate, we’ll guide you through your reflections by analyzing your membership structure, suggesting new ideas, and proposing a pricing structure based on the value perceived by members. This mandate will take the form of analysis findings and specific recommendations to help you achieve the objectives you’ve set for yourself.

When the recommendations following the analysis are implemented, the right message must be delivered based on an optimal segmentation of your members in order to increase the relevance of your communications and thus boost the perceived value of your organization. CPS Media can help with this as well.

Our blog features an article about the level of knowledge on your members. It has several tips on getting to know your members better, leading to an attractive offer for acquiring new members, and increasing both the perceived value of your current members and their loyalty.

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