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“your company’s financial growth.”

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We’re Here to Help Increase Your Revenue and Accelerate Your Growth Through Sponsorships.

Known for its great professionalism, CPS offers companies a wide range of turnkey services and accompanies them every step of the way. Whether it’s for sponsorship sales, the elaboration of a sponsorship plan, package rates, or sponsorship invoicing, CPS offers a comprehensive service – professional rigour defines who we are and what we do.

Thanks to our structured approach and innovative ideas when it comes to partnership programs, we have a vast network of customers who meet their business objectives through personalized and efficient sponsorships. The benefits produced by this service offer have established us as a company skilled at generating organic and economic growth for all the companies with whom we collaborate. Always attuned to the latest market trends and marketing best practices, we are wholly committed to developing our customers’ full potential.

Every one of our employees cares about accurately answering and meeting the specifications of our customers and providing an exceptional after-sales service. If we are respected in the industry, it’s thanks to our team: experienced individuals who are proud of the work we do, and on whom we can count to help ensure a prosperous future.