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Services for advertisers

We mainly represent professional orders, associations, federations, groups, and large organizations and offer win-win partnerships with companies like yours.

CPS Offers Privileged and Direct Access to Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Architects, and Project Managers, to Name but a Few

Indeed, thanks to its network of business partners, the main role of CSP is to create partnerships and strategic alliances between organizations and customers who wish to reach their target audience. Our goal is to offer win-win partnerships to companies like yours, allowing you to speak directly to your target customers, spread your message, and promote your services and products.

Promoting your brand to a highly targeted marketing segment is what we do. In addition, you can enjoy a strong support service to optimize your ROI (return on investment)!

Are you looking for sponsorship or advertising opportunities to help you reach professional associations in Québec? Here’s an exhaustive list of the professional associations and colleges, organized by professional group, that CPS represents. When available, you can also access a microsite to that will show you what the advertising or sponsorship options are.

Reach Construction Professionals

Association or Professional Order


Number of members

Association de la construction du Québec
Construction Contractors
Association minière du Québec
Mining Companies
Association québécoise des transports
Organizations in Québec's Transportation Industry
Corporation des maîtres électriciens du Québec
Electrical Contractors
Corporation des maîtres mécaniciens en tuyauterie du Québec
Plumbing and heating Contractors
Ordre des architectes du Québec

Reach Healthcare Professionals

Association or Professional Order


Number of members

Association des optométristes du Québec
Fédération des médecins omnipraticiens du Québec
Family Physicians
Médecins francophones du Canada
Family Physicians
Ordre des ergothérapeutes du Québec
Occupational Therapists
Ordre des pharmaciens du Québec
Ordre professionnel des inhalothérapeutes Québec
Respiratory Therapists

Reach other Professionals

Association or Professional Order


Number of members

Barreau du Québec
Réseau Action TI
IT Professionals and Decision-makers
CNESST (Grand Rendez-vous)
OH&S managers

Dominic is an exceptional manager who has listened to the needs of our company during our participation in events organized by CPS Media. His warm and human approach, in addition to his seasoned experience in the field, makes him a partner of choice when it comes to the strategic development of our business. We thank him for his rigorous work as well as for the quality of his service.

Jean-Michel ParéGroupe Core

Working with Dominic these past three years has been a joy. Whether it is for the renewal of agreements with our partners or the need for recommendations for our advertising placements, Dominic is available to support us and help us become more efficient. Fluid and efficient communications, quick returns, clear answers, in short, a customer experience that has lived up to our expectations!

François LandryAccount Manager, Desjardins

Hello Mélanie, In my humble opinion, I believe that your influence, your availability, your listening skills, and charisma make these events a pure success. I am proud to participate.

Joël StambouliRegional Sales Manager, Kee Safety Ltée.

Generate More Leads Thanks to Your Ads!

Several factors can have an impact on the number of leads or prospects that you generate through advertising, including where it is displayed, the frequency and dimensions of your advertisement, as well as the traffic of the site on which your ad appears.

The important thing is to talk to your account manager to find out the best options available to you based on your goals. It is also essential to measure the impression rate, click rate, conversion rate, and to bring them into relation with one another so that you can calculate your return on investment. A best practice in terms of CTA, or call to action, allows you to better convert and qualify your potential customers.

Support Service to Optimize Your ROI!

We develop partnership programs and build our packages according to your business objectives. Thus, all of our packages aim to meet your marketing intentions, whether to increase awareness of your brand, generate qualified contacts, maintain your network, or simply consolidate your marketing efforts with your target customers.

Stand out With These 5 Tips!


Set yourself SMART objectives (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, temporal) relative to the number of participants in the event


Optimize your booth with an attractive visual and experiential activation


Animate your booth with your motivated and qualified team, and prequalify your prospects with 3 questions


Measure your return on investment (ROI) after the event, take stock and share the results with the whole team


Activate your recovery strategy 24 hours after the event

Search for win-win partnerships:

The search for the right partnership package in the sponsorship field must favour all stakeholders and be win-win. It must allow you to reach your target customers at a reasonable cost and grant you the desired visibility. Our dual role is precisely to ensure that, on both sides, the proposed partnerships are fair and equitable. We are well aware of the ins and outs of both parties involved and we act as an intermediary to ensure that all of our packages are win-win.

How to find the right partnership? First of all, it is important to know your personas, your marketing target, and your objectives concerning the desired partnership. Depending on your target clientele, certain communication channels are more relevant and generate a better return on investment, hence the importance of measuring the impact of this sponsorship on your reputation and on qualified prospects. Offering a pool of clients consisting mainly of professional orders, large-scale associations, professional groups, and networks, several companies call on us to distribute their advertising to specific and defined clienteles.

Access to the media performance statistics of our business partners allows us to help you choose the right media, according to your objectives and the clientele you are targeting. We are well placed to position your business at the right time, in the right channel, and with customers valued by your marketing department! The relevance of your visibility at this precise moment will give you a leg up over the competition.

Why choose us?

Communicating directly with your marketing personas, networking with a customer base of professionals and recruiting the best talent are but a few of the solutions CPS has for your organization. Contact us now!