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Want a Stimulating Career?

Your Talent Is in Demand!

As Paulo Coelho so wisely said
When something evolves, everything around that thing evolves as well

Beyond the tasks to be accomplished, the projects to be carried out effectively, and the objectives to be achieved, we have a very refined social and environmental conscience and we wish to collaborate with people imbued with talent and aptitudes that help us evolve!

Our openness to evolution and transformation in order to grow and improve is an integral part of our internal motivations. Are you interested in evolving with us?

Being part of the CPS team is, above all, a social issue! At CPS, we are a small team of 15 people who work closely together, not only to achieve our objectives (that’s a given!), but to also have fun while we’re at it! Not a day goes by without hearing an employee laugh at a colleague’s joke. Working at CPS also means highlighting everyone’s successes and being invited to go for a run or a brisk health walk during lunch. It is not uncommon to be invited into the conference room for a small mimosa or orange juice to highlight a colleague’s accomplishment or success.

Our very charming team is committed to hard work and cares about the company’s success. We adhere to the principle that each employee holds a prominent place in the company and is called upon to exploit their full potential. The personal development of each is an important datum in the equation and we ardently value any desire an employee may have to increase their knowledge, whether through training, webinars, or in a self-taught manner. We strongly encourage the acquisition of knowledge.

Collaboration sums up what it’s like working at CPS.

A relaxed atmosphere, filled with the perfect balance between discipline and fun.
The projects are stimulating and your personal and professional development is taken into account.
The very human side of the company emerges in all the actions or decisions taken in each of the files on which we are called on to collaborate.
golden rules

Some Golden Rules Motivating Our Actions!

At CPS, discipline is the president’s favourite keyword! Delivering quality work takes precedence over quantity. In addition, collective knowledge is shared not only among colleagues, but also with all of our customers. As far as priorities are concerned, the one that cannot be ignored from the pole position is FAMILY! Here family takes precedence over everything else. Case in point: you’ll often hear the president say just how proud he is to be surrounded by his nine grandchildren. We also adhere to the principle of equity within our team. This concern for fairness stems from the fact that our team is tightly knit, and we are all aware just how important it is to remain faithful to our values.

Sales, Finance, Coordination, Communication, and Marketing Go Hand in Hand!

Beyond a palpable uniqueness, your talent in sales, finance, business development, communication, or coordination could certainly be put to good use on some of our large or more targeted projects. Whether you are creative, rational, self-taught, visionary, or organized, your talent will be highlighted in the projects on which you will be called upon to collaborate! A corporate culture based on people!

sales finance coordination

"Life at CPS..."

“Working at CPS means working in an innovative and stimulating industry, with a multitude of clients and on a range of projects.”

Mélanie CrouzatierSales Director

“Working at CPS Media balances quality of life, professional and personal growth, and enhancement of your skills, ideas, and expertise.”

Dominic RobergeAccount manager

“What could be better than sailing on the rough sea of major projects, while occasionally savouring the gentle waves around a good espresso or an ascent to Cape Molson with his colleagues.”

Étienne SurprenantCoordinator, Graphic Design & Technology

“Working at CPS Media means collaborating every day with a talented and dynamic team in a human work environment.”

Roselyne ThibaultFinance and Technology Manager

“What an honour to work at CPS Media and what a privilege to meet inspiring and passionate colleagues!
I am very proud to adhere to the values of the company and happy to accomplish myself in a stimulating work atmosphere. Well-being at work and a higher quality of life represent invaluable benefits for me.”

Gwenaëlle StephanSales Coordinator

Our opportunities

Be Part of a Motivating Team With Whom You Can Grow

Account manager (spontaneous application)

More than just a team, we're family!

Interested in having fun in a friendly, motivated, rigorous, and results-oriented team?