To provide a positive and memorable experience to your target clientele

to your target clientele, your participants and members – isn’t it a convincing way to attract their attention and retain them?

Experiential Marketing Has Become One of the Key Factors for Successful Sponsorship. But it Needs to be Exploited the Right Way.

As a sponsor or exhibitor,

you have a goal in mind and you want to achieve it.

In the avowed aim of setting yourself apart from the competition and reaching your marketing objective, one of the effective ways to achieve this is to induce a strong and positive involvement on the part of the consumer, members, and target audiences, introducing a moment of exchange involving the senses and generating emotions. Experiential marketing positions the consumer at the centre of the experience. But beware, the word “experiential” can easily be overused – it is possible to speak of experience here and there, but what is it really? Will the company meet all the criteria leading to the success of a real experience? Is it just a trend, a cliché, or a must? One thing is certain, in the area of sponsorship, the field is open to all, and those who seize the opportunity will be far ahead of their competitors. One wise piece of advice: dare, but dare the right way!

Create Context,

for a Comprehensive Experience

Let’s start from the very beginning. We all know that events, conferences and conventions can be appreciated for their content, but what about their container? Let’s go right into it: having a memorable experience will give your event the “wow” factor you are looking for, creating positive impact, making people talk about it in their surroundings and leaving them excited for next year’s event.

However, if you go to a convention where there is a buffet, round tables, nice kiosks all lined up in front of representatives who hardly dare to leave their chairs to offer your services… Your reaction? It was business as usual – the food was okay, the place was okay, but this event is unlikely to be memorable or significant.

Now, imagine...

the same place, conferences and kiosks, but part of an experience that has started prior the event through personalized invitations mentioning that a special surprise is awaiting for you. You are invited to touch and feel new products and discover innovations and technologies. Then you go to a conference that will make you think and help you concretely in your day-to-day work.

Later, you explore the experiential zone put together for the occasion, stimulating senses and generating emotions at the same time – making you laugh or feel impressed. Your perception of the event and overall satisfaction will be much greater. Yet, it is the same room, the same conference, but the container and communications will be oriented to promote a positive, unique and iconic experience.

In terms of CPS's expertise, we have a great deal of experience as well as many tips and advice to bring your customer experience to life through sponsorship, so you can stand out and reach your target audience.

Who doesn’t want to increase traffic at their booth? Who doesn’t want to get better and greater leads with the right sponsors?

The experiential zone is a space that allows you to offer new technologies, new products, innovations and technologies, industry-related items, etc. It is possible to innovate as a sponsor and as an event organizer on many levels. If you need help in creating an experiential zone, we will be happy to help!

Why not?

Experiential Sponsorship!

If your intentions are to increase traffic at your booth, to strike the imagination of your interlocutor, or to promote your brand, we have an offer for you! People are attracted to kiosks that generate big turnouts, offer different kinds of products, and stand out for the curiosity they provoke. There are several techniques for developing a winning strategy at your booth. Check out these 5 tips to help get you started Moreover, all sponsors can activate an approach that allows them to forge deeper, more sustainable relationships, all thanks to experiential sponsorship.

The activation of an experiential sponsorship is the key to success. Then of course, you still have to measure the return on investment and the buzz generated by the activation itself! Need a hand? Contact one of our account managers!