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Focused on Optimizing the Full Potential of Our Customers Since 1989

CPS is an agency that mainly takes care of optimizing client revenue through sponsorship. By increasing the return on investment of clients-advertisers and by finding the funding necessary to advance training, conventions, or digital advertising projects on its clients’ websites, CPS Media’s main focus is to increase the revenues of its clients.

How to Optimize Your Income and Increase Your Return on Investment

Any business relationship with CPS focuses on optimizing the full potential of your organization; whether you are a professional order, an association, a professional group, a business, or a network. Our key principles are listening, managing expectations, analyzing your needs, and proposing strategies to guide initiatives and help you achieve your business objectives.

Our services include proposing solutions that specifically respond to your problem and which are organized to support you in your business priorities. You represent an association, a college or a group of professionals and you wish to find out more about our services and how CPS can help you find sponsors and increase your revenues?

Here is an overview of the associations and professional orders with which CPS collaborates.

As you will see in the bubbles, we’ve shown a few examples of the growth rate achieved during the first year of collaboration with CPS.

Find out in this video a case study
of an event of one of our clients:
the Grand Rendez-vous of the CNESST.

2018 Survey

Customer Satisfaction in Regards to CPS Services

CPS Media’s most significant contributions:

  • Sales growth
  • Overseeing tasks initially managed internally

Satisfaction rate when it comes to business relationships with CPS Media.


Satisfaction rate when it comes to relationships with account manager.


Relevance when it comes to the logistic support and follow-up done by CPS Media during and after events.


Satisfaction rate when it comes to the trade revenue management overseen by CPS Media (client invoicing, collection and rendering of accounts).


Satisfaction rate when it comes to the value of services offered in relation to their cost.

Meticulous in their search for sponsors, a structured approach, sponsorship plan, account management and collection, increase in revenue. Very professional and organized.

Jean-Pierre DumontSecretary - Ordre des architectes du Québec

CPS Media is a real business partner for us. In fact, on several occasions we were invited by CPS Media to meet with the executives of professional associations to analyze their needs, which in some cases resulted in us putting together a proposal that ended up being accepted. Generally, when CPS Media collaborates with a professional association, it makes our task a little easier: media and event investment opportunities are clear and well organized. Great complicity!

Daniel LefebvreDirector, Client Services - Desjardins

Looking for a rigorous and honest partner committed to the success of your business? I hands-down recommend CPS Media. In 2015 we entrusted CPS Media with the sales of our advertising spaces. Since then, our collaboration has grown: exhibitions, web diffusion, digital advertising campaigns. And always the same level of professionalism. Clear and concise sales reports, continued sales efforts, and sound advice. CPS Media is a partner and an added value for your company. CPS contributes to the success of all our projects—even the craziest ones!

Danielle DumasDirector, Communications, Training & Partnerships - Corporation des maîtres électriciens du Québec

CPS Media respects their clients’ corporate culture and adapts to it. CPS Media’s most significant contribution: customer development.

Catherine RobergeHead of Communications - Ordre des ergothérapeutes du Québec

We take care of all aspects related to the sale of sponsorship and advertising representation:

Our Sales, Operation and Administrative Services

All the services offered by CPS are rigorously executed and oriented in order to achieve your corporate objectives. In fact, CPS takes care of representing your organization when it comes to clients who wish to communicate with your current clientele.

  • advertising sales (traditional and digital media)
  • sponsorship sales
  • sales for kiosk space for various events
  • research and negotiation of major partnerships
  • sales and management of job offers
  • sales and management of online training offers
  • customer sales reports
  • dashboard management
  • digital activation
  • sponsorship activation.

A 360° service

In order to support its customers and help optimize their performance, we offer a turnkey service, ranging from graphic production services to advertising material management services, including the ideation, drafting, and design of sales tools and consulting services. Full support to simplify your operations!

In addition, as part of our functions, since we provide sales and management services for advertising sales or sponsorship, we take care of billing, account collection, and tax management.

Consulting Services at CPS,

is Like Having an Additional In-House Specialist so You can Go Further, Higher, Stronger.

CPS Media has employees with highly specialized skills in their field of expertise, thus making it possible to find the best strategies to increase the commercial revenues of our customers.

Thanks to the development of a strategic plan, including the analysis of previous commercial revenues, clear findings from these analyses, and a perspective of the efforts made, it is possible for us to offer solutions that will allow you to achieve your objectives and advise you on the best ways to get there.

Our strategies are easy to implement and if you need a little help, we’re the right team to help you! Also, if you are an exhibitor at a trade fair, convention, or any other event, we can coach and advise you so that you stand out. We have many tips to help you prosper and get quality leads.

Would you like a quote for a customized strategic plan?

How to Make Your Events, Conventions, and Activities Profitable

Do You Want to Increase the Number of Participants at Your Event? Do You Want to Generate Enthusiasm for Your Convention?

Our number one advice: make your event a memorable experience. Whatever the event – an awards show, a conference, training, symposium – it is essential to develop strategies that will be used before, during, and after. The keyword is “experiential.” Generate buzz and give your participants an experience they can talk about positively afterwards.

Bring a team of professionals who will identify the companies that have a strong interest in your participants, wishing to be present as sponsors or exhibitors so that they can speak to them directly and help them reach their marketing target.

Event sponsorship will generate additional revenue and, combined with other techniques, such as an impactful content offer or an innovative product journey, it can help increase the number of participants in your event. Participating in more than 50 events per year, CPS has developed expertise in this area and can advise you wisely.

Why choose us?

Because simply put, if you try us, you’ll love us! You’ll be surprised to know that we accompany our clients on several levels. Our flexibility means you save time, all while acquiring new sources of revenue. Too good to be true? Contact us today or plan a free consultation with one of our experts.