Organization of events and conventions

Create your own dynamic and impactful experience for virtual, hybrid or face-to-face events.

You can count on CPS Media to organize and manage corporate events and conferences, whether they are entirely in person, hybrid or virtual. In addition to being your event organizer, our team can assist you with financing, sponsorship sales, advertising and booth space services.

Step 1

We’ve developed an affordable turnkey solution that not only turns actual events into virtual or hybrid ones, but also creates a meaningful and interactive synergy with your audience before, during and after the event.

Our solution also lets you fund part of this major project through a unique approach to financing your event.

This solution offers an array of workable options for providing a pleasant experience to your internal team and participants alike. These options can be tailored to your event goals. In short, it’s an app enabling you to make your event more dynamic and experiential in terms of broadcasting your virtual, hybrid or in-person event.

Here’s what this proven platform has to offer:

  • Web app and interface (laptop, phone, tablet)
  • Broadcasting of pre-recorded content (filming)
  • Broadcasting of live content (moderator, host, speakers)
  • Simultaneous conferences (participants’ choice)
  • Interaction (, participants, speakers, exhibitors)
  • Virtual exhibitions and trade shows
  • More freedom for sponsors (sponsorship ideas available, creation of custom packages)
  • Gamification
  • Access to personalized programs
  • Networking system with appointment scheduling
  • Turnkey solution
Événement virtuel

Step 2

Event promotion is essential before, during and after.

Once your event has been taken care of in terms of virtual broadcasting, think about promoting it to your target clientele. Having a promotion plan before, during and after is the backbone of any successful event. Already got a team in place? Perfect, we’ll be happy to work with them. Don’t have a team working exclusively on promoting your event? We have one dedicated to event success that will ensure everything is in place for your event. In addition, our technical team will effectively manage the unexpected, guaranteeing you peace of mind.

Why choose CPS?

For the simplicity and recognized efficiency of our high-performance team. Our approach is unique and allows our clients to lower event production costs hands down, through our sponsorship sales and promotion solution.

Have you considered sponsorship for your virtual or hybrid events?

Here are a few avenues to explore regarding the type of possible sponsorships when creating your virtual or hybrid event. Click here to read the article (in French).

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