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Communications and marketing support, and design services

Turn heads better, boost your conversions and retain your ideal customer with our communications and marketing team.

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Whether you have events, conventions, internal communications or newsletters to deliver, it’s all about reaching the right person at the right time, with the right message using the right channel. That’s the key to guaranteed success.

Why do business with CPS to accelerate your distribution power through clear, compelling and visually appealing communications? Because we have an experienced team enabling you to create communications that impact your target audience.

Here are some examples of collaboration for the communications and marketing component:

  • Revision or creation of the editorial calendar
  • SEO research and optimization
  • Revision or creation of the marketing plan
  • Revision or creation of the communications plan
  • Social media animation
  • Writing blog articles
  • Writing web content
  • Variations of marketing tools
  • Standardization of the brand image
  • Implementation of data measurement tools
  • Analysis of measured data
  • Infographic montage
  • Other projects to be defined

An organization makes its mark primarily through its communications and marketing. Multiplying touch points effectively and according to market best practices can be a daunting task for a small team. Therefore, it’s important to create a functional structure that’s consistent with business objectives, in order to prioritize actions that have a higher return on investment.

Four main categories can contribute to highlighting your brand image and maximizing your marketing efforts, always in line with the objectives you’ve set for yourself.


Brand Image

Your brand image corresponds to your DNA and the image you project in your networks. It’s important to position your brand well so that your identity shines and reflects your raison d’être.

Content Strategy

The implemented content strategy ensures that the right message gets delivered to the right person at the right time, using the right channel. For example, the creation of an editorial calendar could support your marketing efforts to create real value based on goals developed in advance. In addition, this type of structure allows you to refine your strategy in order to optimize the return on investment. Also, the creation of personas gives you a clear advantage in your communications.


Digital Strategy

Your digital presence can have a positive impact on your community. Multiplying the touch points and optimizing the customer journey for your website visitors help better guide the actions you want them to take. The customer experience must be at the heart of your communications and marketing strategy.

Measurement Strategy

Establishing the right performance indicators is crucial for refining communications and marketing efforts. These measures help optimize operational efficiency in order to focus on initiatives that generate the best return on investment. Analyzing the behavior of these indicators will give an indication of where it’s important to apply the most effort.

Google Analytics

The bank of marketing hours will be determined according to your stated needs, deadlines and intrinsic objectives.